"Lost" by Carol Flett

I am lost, Nat.

I can not find Mommy.

I can not find Daddy.

I am so sad.

Do not be sad, Noel.

Do not cry.

Jesus will help us.

He is with us.

I do not see Jesus, Nat.

Jesus is not in the tree.

Is Jesus in the sky?

I think He is in the sky.

But I can not see Him in the sky.

You can not see Jesus in the sky, Noel,

But Jesus is in the sky.

And Jesus is in me.

Jesus is big, Nat.

Jesus is not small.

Jesus can be up in the sky,

But Jesus cannot be in Nat.

Jesus is too big, and Nat is too small.

No, Noel, Jesus is big,

And Jesus is small.

Jesus is big in the sky,

And He is small in me.

Can Jesus be up in the sky,

And in Nat, too?

Yes, Noel, He can.

And Jesus can be in

Mommy and Daddy, too.

Jesus will help us find

Mommy and Daddy.

Jesus, we need help

to find Mommy and Daddy.

Will you help us?

I see Mommy!

I see Daddy!

Now I am not lost.

Now I am not sad.

Mommy, Daddy, Jesus was with us.

Jesus is in the sky,

and Jesus is in Nat.

Mommy, is Jesus in Noel?

Daddy, Is Jesus in Noel?

I want Jesus to be in Noel.

I will pray.

Jesus, I want you to be in me.

Will you be in me?

Now Jesus is in Noel

And I will do as He asks me to do.

Now Jesus is in Mommy and Daddy and Nat,

and in Noel.